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Tips on How to Pass an Exam 

Exams Examination is the last assessment method used by many high schools or universities to students, it normally determine whether a student graduate or not. Some subjects do not require a written exam but majority of modules or subjects require students to write exams. Again this is one of the most integral part of the

How to Decide on a Career

How to Decide on a Career There are three steps to follow before deciding on a career as a student. These three basic steps are questions each student should ask themselves before they waste money and time on something they don’t want. It is very crucial for every student to have proper career guidance before

Coping with University Life

Coping with University Life   Plan Everything I having a motto that I have taught many of my clients during my coaching sessions, which also works for me as well; “If you do not have a plan do not do anything”. This is a very critical skill that a student should learn and exercise every